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How ambitious businesses achieve their potential.

What is the biggest challenge for any independently-owned company which has the potential to go further? The ability of the owners to scale the business. Starting up and getting to a position where the company demonstrates the potential to develop real significance is achievable with an almost intuitive approach. Scaling a business isn’t.

A report commissioned and co-authored by Specialist Accounting Solutions Ltd will identify the real issues which will determine the level of success the owner-manager can attain, the barriers to growth in terms of vision, resource, being able to further professionalise the business, and how they can be addressed successfully.

This will be a report which speaks the language of the owner-manager, and addresses their actual trials and tribulations, hopes and aspirations from their perspective.

Leading up to publication, the latest thought-provoking interviews to be included in the report are available below for you to download.

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COMING SOON: eBook chapter 4, Meeting targets is not enough

Urm 1 - Specialist Accounting Solutions

Lisa Dargan, Business Development Director for URM Consulting Services discusses bringing fresh ideas to the table at this Reading-based risk management and business continuity company.

eBook chapter 3: How to create the real 'A' team

Bridewell 1 - Specialist Accounting Solutions

Anthony Young, Founder Director of cyber security business Bridewell Consulting.

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eBook chapter 2: How to become the 'go to' company

02 Flex7 Bellamy - Specialist Accounting Solutions

Paul Bellamy, Managing Director at Flex7, a Berkshire-based modular lighting control business shares his thoughts on becoming a 'go to' business.

Download chapter 2

eBook Chapter 1: Taking A Gamble On A Gamble

01 Doublebarrelled Luci - Specialist Accounting Solutions

An interview with Luci Clayton-Jones, Co-Founder of Double-Barrelled Brewery, an independent Reading-based company. To download this article and to subscribe to receive further chapters of this ebook series click below.

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