To support your business in all bookkeeping tasks, we have an excellent team of experienced bookkeepers. We typically provide this service on a remote basis, using ‘best in class’ providers Xero and Quickbooks to deliver a seamless, timely and accurate service.

Buying/selling a business

Where a buyer or an acquisition target has been identified and you need support to get the transaction done, we advise you drawing on our Mergers and Acquisitions expertise. Our role can range from drafting the initial Head of Terms outlining the transaction, to project managing the entire transaction and liaising with key parties (lawyers, bankers, buyer/seller). Click on the button below for a detailed guide to selling a business.

UK Business Owner’s 6-Step Guide to Disposals

Covid-19 Support

To help you navigate the government loan schemes during and post-Covid19 lockdown we can support you in raising funding for the business by compiling, reviewing and submitting the appropriate documentation and financial information. We can also liaise with the funders and help explain and present the funding proposition to improve your chances of funding. If appropriate, we can also source alternative funders by drawing on our network for contacts in the funding community.

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Financial modelling

Financial Models are used in a variety of scenarios, including raising capital (equity/debt); to support and underpin business plans; as part of a business disposal or acquisition process; internal budgeting and financial analysis. We can prepare fully integrated financial models in Excel, including Profit and Loss, Cash Flows and Balance Sheets. Our proven process works every time and can be seen here.

Managing my finance team

Whether you just have a bookkeeper, a junior accounts person, a financial controller or a team of finance staff with mixed responsibilities and skills sets, we work extensively with businesses who already have a finance team in place. We take on the responsibility for leading and managing the team on a day-to-day basis, with an agreed set of deliverables and tasks. This normally includes monthly management accounts and other key reports or data you require to run your business efficiently.

My management accounts

Better quality management accounts lead to better business decisions and ultimately more profitable businesses. We are committed to giving you more reliable, accurate and insightful financial information about your business than any other accountancy firm you’ve worked with. Using specialist reporting tools we provide bespoke management accounts tailored to your business, including video and written commentary, KPIs, graphs and summary tables, packed with all the information you need to run your business.

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Outsourcing my finance team

For businesses with no finance staff in situ, we can run the entire finance function, providing an end-to-end solution. Our role typically encompasses the bookkeeping, processing all the transactions and providing the monthly, or quarterly management accounts. Our level of involvement can also change over time. If you decide to recruit finance team members internally, we can step back and/or manage these team member(s).

Payroll and VAT

To support your operational compliance requirements with HMRC, we typically we typically submit the VAT returns for our clients and also run the payroll as part of our outsourced solutions.

Raising capital (debt/equity)

During the process of raising capital for your business, we support management teams and shareholders at any stage of their journey. This can range from preparing the documentation (e.g. business plans and financial forecasts) and identifying potential funders, to approaching and negotiating with potential funders and support during the due diligence process.

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Valuing a business

From selling a business, selling/acquiring company shares or resolving shareholder disputes, there are a multitude of scenarios when a Business Valuation is required. Specialist Accounting Solutions has prepared many business valuations over the years. We provide a comprehensive valuation report, setting out our valuation methodologies, assumptions, workings and conclusions. Our proven process can be seen here.