For those businesses looking to raise capital through invoice finance, here is a quick overview of what Invoicing Finance companies will review when considering to lend:

2 - Specialist Accounting Solutions

• Existing security arrangements (e.g. does another lender have an existing charge over the debtor book?)
• Quality of the debtor book (e.g. does the debtor book include any blue chip or reputable clients? Have many clients have gone bust?)
• Recoverability and historical bad debt profile (e.g. are bad debts a recurring issue?)
• How fast the debt collected (i.e. what are the average debtor days)?
• Terms of business (e.g. what are the standard payment terms issued to clients?)
• Overseas sales (some lenders may exclude certain countries entirely)
• Infrastructure and staff (e.g. what systems, procedures and controls are in place to collect the debt?).

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