Why choose SAS?

We are committed to giving you more reliable, accurate and insightful financial information about your business than any other accountancy firm you’ve worked with.

Who do we work with?

Our outsourcing solutions are particularly suited for businesses with a turnover of up to £20m. Our clients range from start-ups and small companies to more established growth businesses. What all them have in common is the need for our expertise to either lead or support their finance function.

What do we deliver?

Our key deliverable each month (or quarter) is the management accounts.
We pride ourselves in producing timely, accurate and reliable management accounts. All accounts we prepare are based on the following principles:
• clarity, through improved presentation and descriptions and explanations
• financial analysis, with a focus on key performance indicators
• thorough review of the underlying information and data.

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Financial Outsourcing

We get involved in a variety of scenarios…

Finance Director: Growing business often require a Finance Director, but not on a full-time basis (yet). Members of our team can effectively support your business as a Finance Director on a part-time basis, so you don’t have the burden of a high salary paid for this role, but have the flexibility to scale our involvement up or down as required.

For Start-Ups and Small Business we assist in establishing a finance function and dealing with all finance related matters (e.g. Book-keeping, Payroll/VAT, Monthly Management Accounts).

For more established SMEs we support the existing finance team to prepare the Management Accounts and deal with all finance related matters.

When Step-Changes happen: and the reporting requirements of the Business and the existing Management Accounts just aren’t good enough we provide more insight and clarity for your company. The step-change might be due to a change in the Company’s stakeholder profile due to a recent capital raise.

Confusion: The current Management Accounts prepared by the incumbent Finance Team/Person are confusing and don’t provide enough information for the stakeholders to make sound decisions. Specialist Accounting Solutions’ approach eliminates this situation and brings more clarity to enable better decision-making.

Change of Attitude: We have been approached by a number of business owners who have come to realise the increasing importance of accurate and timely Management Accounts and a well-run Finance Function.

How can a part time Finance Director / Head of Finance help your business?

We can act as your company’s Finance Director / Head of Finance on a part-time basis. This is a highly cost-effective solution for businesses that require this level of support, but not 5-days a week. We represent the business and liaise with third parties (e.g. banks, funders, customers, suppliers, lawyers) in all finance related matters and can scale our involvement either up or down, as required. Our role can include leading and developing the existing finance team to support the business in all financial aspects.





Fully and Partially Outsourced Solutions

Fully Outsourced Solution – For smaller businesses with no finance staff in situ, we can run the entire finance function, providing an end-to-end solution. Our role typically encompasses the book-keeping, processing all the transactions and providing the monthly, or quarterly management accounts.

Partially Outsourced Solution – We also work extensively with businesses that have a finance person or team in place. This could be a book-keeper, a junior accounts person, a financial controller or a team of finance staff with mixed responsibilities and skills sets. We typically review all the accounts data prepared by the team on a monthly or quarterly basis and provide the management accounts.

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Monthly management accounts with detailed financial analysis

We are committed to giving you more reliable, accurate and insightful financial information about your business than any other accountancy firm you’ve worked with.

We believe better quality management accounts lead to better business decisions and ultimately more profitable businesses.

Using specialist reporting tools we provide bespoke Management Accounts tailored to your business.

Our Management Accounts will include:

  • Video Commentary – you will receive a personalized video summary with each set of accounts, talking you through the key trends and numbers.
  • Commentary – We provide a written commentary for our clients to give you more detail where needed.
  • KPIs – We will discuss and agree a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business and include these KPIs in each report.
  • Graphs – We can track every conceivable number and metric in graph format, so you can visualize how the business is performing. We have found that using graphs works incredibly well with clients who find it challenging reading the numbers.
  • Tables – We use summary tables to show the most important figures of your Business, so you quickly and easily see these all in one place


We have an excellent team of bookkeepers who can support your business in all bookkeeping tasks. We typically provide this service on a remote basis, using best in class providers Xero, Quickbooks to deliver a seamless, timely and accurate service.

Dealing with compliance: VAT, payroll, financial reporting

We help our clients understand their financial reporting requirements (statutory accounts) and implement a commercially appropriate approach, whilst mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

As part of our outsourced solutions, we typically submit the VAT returns for our clients and also run the payroll, so your operational compliance requirements with HMRC are met.

For details of our compliance packages and pricing click here.


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Call us on 0118 911 3777 or email info@teamsas.co.uk to see how we can help